• Machine
    • Kolbus DA 230 Case Maker
    • Stahi VBF Casing In Line
    • Kolbus KM472A Ratiobinder - 21 clamp with 20 station gathering and online trimmer
    • 24 Station Offline Collating Machine
    • Horizon BQ 470 4 Clamp Perfect Binding Machine
    • Sulby Ten Clamp Perfect Binding Machine (2 Nos)
    • Welbound Six Clamp Perfect Binding Machine
    • Welbound Single Clamp Perfect Binding Machine (2 Nos)
    • 3 Knife Trimmer (2 Nos)
    • Programme Cutting (10 Nos)
    • Folding Machine (10 Nos)
    • Aster Automatic Section Sewing Machine (6 Nos)
    • Oshner GIlding Machine for spine and corners
    • Polygraph 8 Station Flow Line Machine (2 Nos)
    • Die Cutting Machine (5 Nos)
    • Thermal Lamination Machine (2 Nos)
    • Thermal Lamination Machine (2 Nos)
    • Hot Foil Stamping Machine
    • Becmar UV Machine
    • Wiro Binding
    • Spiral Binding
    • Tin Rimming
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The 200 samples did arrive and they are looking fine. We can see that you have done a good job. -- Mr. Joerg Elsner, Druckhaus, Germany.

We have received the advances and they look really great. -- Ms. Rebecca Clare, Infinite ideas, UK.

Samples look very nice -- customer is pleased. -- Mr. David Teeters, Liberty Graphics Books, USA.

I collected the advance copies yesterday - Thank you. We both are very happy with the quality of printing both the cover and the internal pages. -- Mr. James Gifford, Enlivened Pty. Botswana.

We are very pleased with the advances that we have seen so far. The binding is particularly good. -- Ms. Anna Verghese, Egmont, UK.

We have received the advance copies and we are very pleased with them. -- Ms. Jenny Mulvanny, Evans Publiching Group, UK.

The 2 blokkiesraaisel books are approved. it looks great. Thank you very much. Great work, please tell the team! -- My Book, South Africa.

Just checked the advance copies and we are very happy with the quality as usual. Thank you very much. -- CM Publishing, South Africa.

I've just received the 2 advance copies and I'm delighted with them thank you. You and your team have done an excellent job. -- Beehive Illustrations, UK.